what if you started making car alarm noises when people you didn’t like touched you

Day #30


- You would have been so proud of me today baby. I played my heart out for you once again. And this time my team had my back. Since our game against Consumnes got rained out, we had to play both games today. We had to continue where we left off. 4th inning of the game, 0-0 ball game, runner on…

Day #31


- Today marks 33 months with the boy of my dreams. 33 months of ups and downs, tears and smiles, fights and makeups, firsts and lasts, and amazing memories that I will never forget. In these 33 months, I became a different and better person. I’m now happier with myself and my life. You put a smile…

Day #22


- I woke up having an emotional breakdown and a panic attack. I’m stressed, tired, anxious, and depressed. I’m constantly feeling lonely and it’s getting to me. Theres never a day where I’m living life and enjoying myself. I’m constantly going through the motions. Waiting for you to get home. I…